Here at Main Street Properties LLC, we take great pride in our customers! But don't just take our word for it, check out what past clients have to say about working with us.


“We are very pleased with the work from Don at Main Street Properties.  He transformed our kitchen with beautiful custom cabinetry and marble countertops, as well as re-design of overall kitchen layout involving move/new plumbing, raised ceiling with new HVAC, and order/install of new appliances.  He did such a great job with this project, we had him for our 2 bathroom full transformations and gut/remodel entryway/master bedroom custom built closets.  Don guarantees his work and always available for follow-up and other projects, like paint, wallpaper, light fixtures, shelving. If you want good quality, this is for you.”

- Lesley and Brian Kelly, Clients


"A great eye for detail."

“Don Hommel and Main Street Properties have been absolutely wonderful to work with.  For full transparency, our extensive project isn’t quite finished, but given we are in the 8th month of a 9 month project, we have truly gotten a great sense of Don’s work and partnership.  Admittedly, this started out as a smaller renovation, certainly more cosmetic than structural. However, given we are taking on 4 floors of a 5 story townhouse, as we got into the project, our appetite to do more increased and Don showed great flexibility along the way.  He has a great eye for detail and pushed us on matters knowing that in the end, we would be happy, and I can say confidently that we haven’t regretted one of his decisions or directions. Our Designer is in another country, but that hasn’t stopped Don in working well with her and making himself available to any of her questions or requests.  He has a good sense of follow through and is always easy to reach via phone, text or email. At this stage, the finishes are coming together and we are blown away by the quality of the work. It is also worth mentioning, he’s just a nice guy to work with. All of this and we have a Phase 2 coming and Don would certainly be on the top of our list for doing that job!  He is a strong recommend in my book.”

- Chris Wanlass and Tom Wells, Clients


"Working with the Hommels is like working with friends."

“You know how so many people say they hate working with contractors? We never once thought that during our experience with Don, Lori and Main Street Properties — in fact, we felt the complete opposite. Working with the Hommels is like working with friends. Throughout our renovation, we felt that they always had our best interests at heart and that we were all on the same team, working towards a shared goal of building the home of our dreams from scratch.
Above all, Don gets things done. We told him up-front that we didn't have much spare time to focus on our renovation, so he took the reins and led our project himself. I never worried about him moving too slowly or having to check in on him -- he was a consistent presence in my inbox and on my phone, providing me updates and timelines and presenting me with handpicked options. If I ever struggled with a vendor, he would step in and deal with the issue himself until it was resolved. He just made everything easier for us. 
For example, when it came to the hardware for our kitchen, all I had to do was send him a few inspiration photos, and a few weeks later the pulls of my dreams magically appeared. For our guest bathroom, I had my heart set on a certain tile that was no longer being manufactured; Don took the material used for that tile and had his sub cut it to replicate the shape. Ultra-custom work at no added cost to us. In other instances, Don managed to take what our budget allowed for and transform it into something that looked much more expensive -- such as using 2cm stone to create what look like floating 12-inch slab-style benches in our showers, which are absolutely gorgeous.
An added bonus: Don has impeccable taste. When things didn't work out with our designer, I never felt the need to search for a new one because I knew we were in such good hands. From designing perfect built-ins to helping select stone to making recommendations for everything from our cabinetry to our fixtures, every choice he made was the right one for our aesthetic and our space. 
If you walk into a home Don has worked on, you'll know it. The millwork will be of the highest quality. All of the finishes will be top-notch.  And there will be a little something special you can't put your finger on. With Don, small details that others wouldn't even think of come standard-issue—closet poles are finished to match the hardware in the rest of the space, vent covers are custom, shower controls are placed where you can turn them on before you step in, shower drains are barely visible, stone is practically seamless at the edges... All these little things add up to an ultra-luxe end result, and they show all up in your home without you even having to ask for them.
Don shared our vision for our home, one that was sophisticated, contemporary and high-end, and he achieved it. We absolutely loved working with him and Lori, and we are looking forward to our next project together!”

-Bianca and Eric Prum, Clients


"Professional and courteous."

"I was introduced to Don through my Real Estate broker after exploring options on my own.  Don made the process very simple from start to finish. He was easy to communicate with, and his team of workers were professional and courteous.  Even though my job is complete, Don stays in touch and is willing to service any touch ups in the apartment that are necessary. I would happily refer him to anyone in need of a contractor."

-Jonathan Rosenbaum, Client


"Take pride in doing their projects the “right” way."

“As president and owner of Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, I have had the pleasure of doing business with Don Hommel of Main Street Properties for almost 15 years. The staff and crew at Main Street Properties are exceptional people to work with. Main Street Properties not only is a professional company but they take pride in doing their projects the “right” way. It is more than refreshing to have someone in the construction industry who really cares. We at Phoenix look forward to working with Main Street Properties for many more years to come.”

-Paul Scholz, Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating Inc


"The entire project was smooth and a success."

“Our condominium contracted with Main Street properties to do a complete renovation of the hallways. Main Street was there from the beginning working closely with the board members, management and interior design team to make sure our visions aligned and would be practically executed. Main Street completed the project on time and under budget and therefore was able to satisfy a diverse group of New Yorkers, not an easy task. The workmanship was thoughtful and detailed. Their staff was thorough, polite and neat. The entire project was smooth and a success. Main Street properties was a real pleasure to work with and made all of our jobs easier. Thank you to Don Hommel and his competent team.”

-Michael Cohen, Client